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Meet Judith Lee

President of Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc

Using Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc’s Facilitated Planning Approach™ and Informed Facilitation™:

Judith provides unsurpassed service to satisfied clients for nearly 30 years, perfecting and applying the Facilitated Planning Approach™ and Informed Facilitation™ to numerous EAs and EISs, Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs), interdisciplinary planning teams, and development of environmental baselines, including complex and highly controversial projects and programs. Accomplishments

She delivers consistently exceptional consulting and training services to clients in most federal agencies, many of them repeat and often sole source, including US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, USFWS, US Forest Service, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services, Rural Development and Rural Utilities Service, Federal Highway Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers, and National Marine Fisheries Service, among others. Accomplishments

She is nationally-recognized as a premier consultant and educator in practical integrated and interdisciplinary planning practices and NEPA, seamlessly integrating the requirements of interdisciplinary and analytic planning, NEPA, and environmental compliance and social sustainability. Workshops

 She is experienced in reducing the risk of conflict by

facilitating teams and public engagement strategies through her systematic interdisciplinary Facilitated Planning Approach™ using Informed Facilitation™. Conflict Resolution

She uses her proven and unique "10-Step Process for Environmental Document Review" to analytically review planning and NEPA documents so you can provide effective and professional comments or improve your own planning. Document Review

She is a professional ecological analyst, wildlife biologist, silviculturalist, and range manager with extensive experience throughout the United States.

 She is a former federal and state government professional with a clear understanding of agency practices and policies that infuses her practical and strategic approaches to sustainable planning and decision making.

 She has multiple professional publications on quality planning, NEPA compliance, and managing interdisciplinary teams. Publications

Core Values

 Environmental Planning Strategies Inc’s partnership with you is a catalyst to improve project and program planning, meet legal requirements efficiently, and reduce the cost and uncertainty of environmental reviews, compliance, and permitting, including actively tapping the power of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

My practice is grounded in integrity and the conviction that an interdisciplinary, strategic approach to project and program planning, environmental review/NEPA compliance, and decision making ensures the greatest possible benefit to my clients, affected communities, the environment, and future generations.

 The purpose of all my partnerships is to build a strong foundation of mutual respect and accountability with one another and the people with whom they engage, enriching their lives, their work, their organizations, their communities, and the environment.

In partnership with Pathway Consulting Service, LLC, Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc specializes in the planning, environmental review, and permitting of projects requiring use of federal land, such as infrastructure energy, broadband, transportation projects, and other projects. Please see

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