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9. Powerful Integration of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act

(NEPA) 3-4 Days

This highly consultative workshop focuses on learning effective methods for integrating NEPA requirements and the California Environmental Quality Act, using the Facilitated Planning Approach™

  • The workshop correlates sections of CEQA and related regulations with pertinent NEPA sections, providing a clear contrast where NEPA and CEQA are similar and where CEQA has additional analytic and substantive requirements

  • The consultant systematically guides participants through applying the merged NEPA and CEQA regulations and processes using Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc’s Facilitated Planning Process™ to actual NEPA/CEQA documents and projects

  • This workshop is tailored to advanced NEPA and CEQA practitioners, reviewers, and managers, and can be effectively used to improve interdisciplinary working relationships of federal and state agencies

  • The workshop manual will become your most-used reference for both NEPA and CEQA, and may be supplemented by the CEQ guidance

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