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5. A Dialogue of Understanding: Creating a Common Language Length tailored to need

This highly consultative and tailored workshop is intended for agency managers, advanced planners, and NEPA practitioners from several agencies, planning entities, and/or publics and stakeholders experiencing conflict or controversy to:

  • Work together in a safe, facilitated environment to create a common language and understanding of the legal and practical application of NEPA and the CEQ implementing regulations or the applicable planning regulations

  • Better understand the policies, processes, and organization of each agency or decision making entity to foster better working relationships

  • Identify and affirmatively address areas of conflict, and cooperatively develop practical and effective means for issue resolution acceptable to all participating agencies

  • Create interpersonal and interagency/planning organization trust, affirmative patterns of communication, and positive mutually beneficial long-term relationships


  • Identify action items and points of agreement, implementation responsibilities, and open items for further understanding

  • If desired, the points of agreement and action items can be recorded for the basis of a Memorandum of Agreement or other appropriate documentation

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