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Empower Your Professionals - Seamlessly Integrate Planning, NEPA, and Environmental Compliance for Informed Decision Making

The Facilitated Planning Approach Is Powered by the Proven Expertise and Experience

Judith Lee, President Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc About Me

Are you frustrated?

Does it take too long, cost too much, and cause too much pain and conflict to conduct your planning or comply with NEPA?

Do you and your professional staff know what efficient interdisciplinary planning or NEPA requires and how to make it work productively and cost-effectively for you?

Are you frustrated with contractors not working with you to meet your needs?

Ask yourself these questions:

Does drama free and legally compliant strategic, efficient, and interdisciplinary project and program planning with sustainable environmental and social benefits sound like your agenda?

Does learning how to do this planning and environmental compliance using a proven and seamless process fill the missing link in your career, work, and organization?

Are you interested in actively improving your community, the environment, government, and working relationships, and the lives of our future generations – the “silent voices” in our decisions?

Solve Your Planning NEPA Problems,

Cost-Effectively While Empowering

Your Organization

Ensure Excellent Planning, Well Documented with Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc
  • Consulting Support to conduct efficient, productive, timely, and cost-effective planning and environmental compliance that leverages your expertise Consulting Services

  • Document Review for the quality of the analysis to provide effective comments and improve your planning Document Review

  • Training and Workshops that are tailored to your needs to improve everyone’s skills Workshops

  • Conflict Avoidance and resolution to create positive, long-term relationships and supported decisions Conflict Resolution

In partnership with Pathway Consulting Service, LLC, Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc specializes in the planning, environmental review, and permitting of projects requiring use of federal land, such as infrastructure energy, broadband, transportation projects, and other projects. Please see

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